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Alternative AJAX-ZOOM (high resolution zoom view on click) opening methods

Desktop Use:

Hover over the image on the left to see a zoomed-in version appear over this div container window

Mobile Use:

Click on the image to see it appear in a jQuery LightBox window. This is optimized for mobile/responsive functionality.

LightBox Options:

AJAX-ZOOM with real high resolution tiled view opens at several modes, try it:

This will change "ajaxZoomOpenMode" option
Open AJAX-ZOOM at fullscreen mode
Open AJAX-ZOOM in responsive "Fancybox"
Open AJAX-ZOOM in regular "Fancybox"
Open AJAX-ZOOM in "Colorbox"
Enable monitor size fullscreen:
- enable - disable
360°/3D "preview" mode:
- enable - disable
Disable scroll animation:
- enable - disable
Tint filter:
Mouseover Zoom:
- enabled - disabled
Prev, next arrows:
- enabled - disabled

Load different images / 360° set and other API

360 +
only one 360 two 360
or more
only one image no 360
no images

A common situation is that the images in mouseover zoom have to be changed, e.g. depending on users color selection of the article. With jQuery.mouseOverZoomInit.replaceImages you can easily change images and / or 360° objects... Click here to see the code which is executed when you click on the second colored circle above. The last cirle does not have any images or 360. Click on it to see what happens.


With jQuery.mouseOverZoomInit.prev and images and 360 can be switched one after each other...

Some Javascript driven resizing examples without browser window being resized:

If AJAX-ZOOM "responsive" parent container is resized with javascript by e.g. click on a button, then you might want to call jQuery.fn.axZm.resizeStart(3000); when it starts resizing and jQuery.fn.axZm.resizeStart(1); when it definitely ends. No need to do this if your responsive layout is resized by window resize or orinetation change events, AJAX-ZOOM will do it instantly then.

Also please note that among many, many other settings and design restyles you can also this black toolbar under the player and a different one if you want. Please also take a look at example33_responsive.php with hotspots made with hotspots configurator (example33.php).

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